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Meder Beauty Science

It’s all about the routine

Swiss-made Bio-Tech Skin Care, a Swiss line of hi-end professional skincare. With every Meder Beauty Science solution it strives to achieve maximum impact on the skin using only safe ingredients with scientifically confirmed beneficial effect

Applying several solutions every day helps you maintain the well-being of your skin down to its deeper layers.

We, at Meder Beauty Science, believe that everyone’s skin needs smart cleansing, stimulation and protection on daily basis. For your essential routine, we offer a range of cleans- ears, serums, universal care and day creams. The active in- gradients of the chosen solutions, applied in succession, merge into your personal care formula maintaining your skin’s health and protecting it from harm. All you need to do, is pick what works for you, establish a routine and stick to it.

All Meder Beauty Science products are numbered. Follow the numbers and they will guide you through the application of your skincare in the most effective way.

  • Number 1 is for cleansers as WASHING your face is always the first thing to do.
  • Follow with number 3, your chosen ANTIOXIDANT serum, proceed with 6 ELEMENTS, a universal care solution, and finish up with 7 — a protective CREAM of your choosing.
  • 8 is a little EXTRA that some of you may find indies- passable.

What happened to 2 and other numbers?

  • Number 2 stands for enzy-Peel Mask, a double-action enzyme peeling, which you’d use only once or twice a week.
  • 4 and 5 are target- ed care products, applied during an active correction course, rather than routinely.

Our Products

Vita-Long Oil

Vita-Long Oil

Item Code: VLO1981

Epigenetic longevity veil to fight, prevent and slow down skin aging.

ENZY-PEEL Double-Action Exfoliating Mask

ENZY-PEEL Double-Action Exfoliating Mask

Item Code: DAEM234

It makes the skin smooth, restores the natural cell renewal & strengthens the skin’s natural protective mantle.

Hydra-Fill Mask

Hydra-Fill Mask

Item Code: 5HF

Moisturizing instant beauty mask for tired stressed and dry skin