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Vita Pure is the ideal solution to care for sensitive, dry, irritated skin and hair in taking a shower or a bath with the water contaminated.

It also offers the clean solution for a laundry by reducing chlorine, particles, rust, heavy metals, etc. in the rusted tap water.

Residual chlorine in the tap water adheres to the hair and skin, oxidizing the proteins of the hair and the fat of the skin, and damages it immediately.

Vitamin C is a powerful oxidizing agent that instantly neutralizes chlorine and makes it harmless.

Our Products

Vitapure Vitamin C Inline Filter

Vitapure Vitamin C Inline Filter

Item Code: VIF980

Last 3x longer than other Vitamin C filter. Less filter changes, less waste, Remove chloring, chloramines, and THM's from your tap water instantly with no loss in pressure, no backflushing and easy installation

Vitapure 6 Stages  Filtration Inline Shower Filter

Vitapure 6 Stages Filtration Inline Shower Filter

Item Code: FIS9876

VitaPure is the newest evolition of inline shower filter line-up and brings you the Best of Both Worlds. Combined all the advantages of Vitamin C Filter Technology.

Vitamin C Shower Filter

Vitamin C Shower Filter

Item Code: -

Vitamin C shower filter utilizes ascorbic acid for de-chlorination. Vitamin C does not hold chlorine, it neutralizes chlorine from an element into a harmless compound.